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Anyer (also Anjer) is a town in Banten, formerly West Java, Indonesia, fifteen kilometres south of Merak. It is home of a forty metre lighthouse built by King Willem III of the Netherlands in 1885 as a memorial for the townspeople killed by the eruption of Krakatau, which destroyed the town.

Off the coast of Anyer is the island Pulau Sangeang, an uninhabited island with vast areas of untouched jungle. The area is also known for coral formations swarming with tropical fish.

Anyer is a beach town in Banten. It is located at Anyer, 38 km from Serang City. The beach is facing the West, so we can see the view of Mt. Rakata (the remaining / child of Mt. Krakatau that exploded in 1833) and the sunset. A beautiful sea sight with all activities such as Jet Ski, Speed Boat, Para Sailing and other aquatic sport, those types of activities can be found here, as well as sunset view from the beach and an old lighthouse at Cikoneng. A lot of hotels from jasmine to international 5 stars can be tourist best choices to stay. Anyer is a popular beach resort for Jakartan.

Anyer beach has many unique enchantments. Its white sands amaze many tourists. They are so pure; we can feel the softness of the sands. The deep blue sea attracts many divers around the world because its various sea lives are so completely perfect. The sea breeze can make visitors' mind fresh, out of stress and enjoy. And the last enchantments that can make Anyer beach as the most favorite place to visit is the view of the legendary Krakatau Mountain and its historical lighthouse.

It is located in the west coast of Java about 120km from Jakarta. Sanghyang, 10 km off Anyer beach, is an easy diving destination for Jakartan divers who can only spare a weekend. This volcanic island offers white carbonate-sand beach and a wealth of underwater life, while Anyer offers a gorgeous sunset.

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