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Reog is a traditional Indonesian dance form. There are many type of Reogs in Indonesia, but the most famous one is Reog Ponorogo.

Reog Ponorogo tells the story of a battle between the King of Ponorogo and the magical lion Singa Barong. It usually consists of three sets of dances; each dance is performed by several dancers. The first dance is the opening dance, performed by male dancers wearing black costumes. The second dance is the Jaran Kepang dance; it is performed by female dancers wearing colourful costumes. The third dance is the main attraction of the show; it is performed by all the Reog dancers. The main male dancer, wearing a large and heavy lion mask, dances in the centre of the stage while the other dancers dance around him.

Reog dancers traditionally perform in a trance state.
The success of a performance, including the ability of the principal dancer to bear the weight of the mask, is said to depend upon the magical power of the leader of the dance troupe. Known as warok, these men are believed to possess special talents, gained through years of training. One of the unique features of the reog dance is that the hobby horse (jaran kepang) dancers are invariably young boys dressed as women. Known as gemblak, they accompany the warok, who are forbidden close association with females, in their travelling performances.

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