Keyword means a word people will type in a search engine to look for products or services. The work of the search engine is to bring all the websites which are related to that particular keyword.
For example, if you want to sell baby clothes. You wish all the searches who are searching for the product to come your site. For this your site need the best keywords.

Rules of Title
Title /Link (blue, underlined)
Description or snippet (black text)
Display URL (green text)
Longer URLs may get truncated in display
Don't use the same Title in all pages
SERP Listing Character Limits
Title tags length
Ask 65
Bing 65
Google 69
Yahoo 72
Meta description
Bing 150
Google 156
Yahoo 161
Always keep the most important keyword in the title tag because it will represent your website using your websites name in the title not for rank well for your website name but you website with the search engines as well as with visitors. Add your website name in the front and back of the title.
The Title tags limitation
Google will only index 10 words and display 69 characters so you can't stuff 1000 keywords in there in the title tag you can fit all the words in.
Optimization Rules:- Keyword represent your business, services and products so when you select the keyword for your website all ways see search volume of the. keyword in bold format and hyper. Make the strategy for keyword chose the two keyword for every page one is primary keyword and secondary keyword like baby clothes is primary keyword clothes for baby is the secondary keyword and make the 5 more keyword for every SERP.

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    Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking.

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