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The population of Indonesia according to the 2010 national census is 237.6 million, with 58% living on the island of Java, the world's most populous island.

Despite a fairly effective family planning program that has been in place since the 1960s,[4] the population is expected to grow to around 254 million by 2020 and 288 million by 2050,[5] falling to fifth behind Pakistan sometime before 2050.

List of Indonesian provinces' population

Province Population    In Cities (%)  
Aceh 4,486,570 23.6
North Sumatra 12,985,075 42.4
West Sumatra 4,845,998 29.0
Riau 5,543,031 43.7
Jambi 3,088,618 28.3
South Sumatra 7,446,401 34.4
Bengkulu 1,713,393 29.4
Lampung 7,596,115 21.0
Bangka Belitung 1,223,048 43.0
Riau Islands 1,685,698 --
Banten 10,644,030 52.2
Jakarta 9,588,198 100.0
West Java 43,021,826 50.3
Central Java 32,380,687 40.4
Yogyakarta 3,452,390 57.7
East Java 37,476,011 40.9
Bali 3,891,428 49.8
West Nusa Tenggara 4,496,855 34.8
East Nusa Tenggara 4,679,316 15.9
West Kalimantan 4,393,239 25.1
Central Kalimantan 2,202,599 27.5
South Kalimantan 3,626,119 36.3
East Kalimantan 3,550,586 57.6
North Sulawesi 2,265,937 37.0
Gorontalo 1,038,585 25.5
Central Sulawesi 2,633,420 19.7
South Sulawesi 8,032,551 29.4
Southeast Sulawesi 2,230,569 20.8
West Sulawesi 1,158,336 --
Maluku 1,531,402 25.9
North Maluku 1,035,478 29.5
Papua 2,851,999 22.2
West Papua 760,855 --
Source: Population Census 2010[2]

Ethnic groups

At least 300 different ethnic groups have been counted in Indonesia.


Although it is not an Islamic state, Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation, with almost 86.1% of Indonesians declared Muslim according to the 2000 census. 8.7% of the population is Christian, 3% are Hindu, and 1.8% Buddhist or other. Most Indonesian Hindus are Balinese, and most Buddhists in modern-day Indonesia are ethnic Chinese.


Indonesian is the official national language, but there are many different languages native to Indonesia. According to Ethnologue, there are currently 737 living languages  the most widely spoken of which is Javanese.

A number of Chinese dialects, most prominently Min Nan, are also spoken. The public use of Chinese, especially Chinese characters, was officially discouraged between 1966 and 1998.

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    Main languages: Bahasa, Javanese (35%), Sundanese (14%).

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    Indonesia consists of distinct ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups having vast areas of wilderness that support the world's second highest level of biodiversity. The country is richly endowed with natural resources with many cultural practices.

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