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One of the toughest thing every person will have to go through in life is breaking up. Everyone will experience breaking up with someone and it will hurt a lot and will have a resonating effect on your life. But, there are some who are able to go through with life undamaged and here are the things they have done.

Acceptance is the key to moving on. When you finally realize that your relationship with your ex is over, you have that sense of actualization that you can never go back. Acceptance is the point of no return for you. It will make you feel better.
Keep your distance. The more you stay at the same place, the more you will feel the urge to talk to him. So, by keeping your distance you are also putting an effort in erasing him from your life.
Post-breakup will be the hardest part of all. You will be talking a lot about your ex and friends will try to listen but months after your breakup and you are still talking about your ex, try to consider the fact that your stories are becoming painful to your friend's ears.
By the end of your relationship, you will always find ways to put the blame on him but it will not help in helping you move on. Blaming is childish and would only cause even more tension from both of you. Admit that both you have made mistakes.
Give yourself time to recuperate emotionally from the battle you have been through. Go on a quiet vacation with friends and family or do the things that you love to do or even pick up a new sport.
Go out and have some fun with friends. If you haven't been out for a while all because you were crying your nights away, now is the time for you to go out and enjoy Friday nights with friends.
Never compare every guy with your ex. They are all different and everyone is different from each other. Although there might be a chance that you will end up together and break up for the same reasons but everyone is different.

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